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May 18, 2012

What To Put In Your Shaving Travel Kit

As an Expat woman who travels a lot with her family, I've  mastered the essential items that I need when hitting the road. One of the things I love most is comfort and I try as much as possible to make each journey as comfortable as possible. My travel bags  are stocked with important items that I need when traveling especially when it comes to self-grooming. My husband thinks it is even more convenient that I pack  his travel kit for him  because I do it twice better than him. One of the things that amazes him is how I stock his shaving kit with the essential items that you would naturally assume to find in a shaving kit as well as less likely additions that I have found need for over the years. It is much less expensive to buy the smaller portions of products  that you might need while traveling before hand than to try and purchase them at an airport, hotel or convenience store.
Things like combs, cotton swabs, dental floss and dental hygiene tools can fit in your shaving travel kit without taking much space. Others are baby powder and Cortaid  for any chaffing/itch relief, a small travel sized shampoo in-case I don't like the one provided by the hotel or if I am staying at a hotel that doesn't provide shampoo. If am using any medication during the time of travel, I always throw it/them into my shaving kit too.
If you have any idea on what to put in your shaving travel kit, please feel free to share with us. Thank you. and safe travel.

This is a sponsored post by The Art of Shaving but all the opinions are mine.


KristaM said...

Hey! Found you via MBC and new follower! Absolutely love your blog!

Stop by mine for some yummy recipes and home projects!

xoxo, Krista

InSeason Mom Cynthia said...

Sounds like you have a great packing system going. My sister always teases me because I wait until the last possible minute to pack to go anywhere in the world. I'm going to read your post again to pick up tips!

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