Changing environment, learning new language and new culture,being a wife and a mother, living far away from families and friends, I have come to share my views, thoughts, feelings, ideas on so many things that I cherish.

January 25, 2013

Some Great Lessons Of Life - Part Two

*  Be confident that you can make a difference. Don't get overwhelmed. Try to take each day and each task as they come, breaking them down into manageable pieces for action while struggling to see the whole. And don't think you have to WIN immediately or even at all to make a difference.

* Don't ever stop learning and improving your mind or you're going to get  left behind.

* Don't be afraid of hard work or of teaching your children to work. Work is dignity and caring and the foundation for a life with meaning.

* Slow Down and Live, you've got a long way to go.

* Choose your friends carefully. Stay out of the fast lane and ignore the crowd. You were born God's original. Try not to become someone's copy. "Nobody is wise enough, nobody is good enough, and nobody cares enough for you to turn over to them your future and your destiny." -Benjamin May.
You are the person you must compete with  and be accountable for.

* Be a can-do, will-try person. Focus on what you have and not what you don't have, what you can do rather than what you cannot do.

* Try to live in the present; don't carry around unnecessary burdens from a yesterday you will not live again or a tomorrow that is not guaranteed.

* Use your political and economic power for the community and others less fortunate.

* Listen for "the sound of the genuine" within yourself and others. Meditate and learn to be alone without being lonely.

* You are in charge of  your own attitude.  The only person you can control is yourself. "As human beings," Gandhi said, "our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the 'Atomic Age' - as in being able to remake ourselves."

January 22, 2013

Some Great Lessons Of Life - Part One

* There is no free lunch. Don't feel entitled to anything you don't sweat and struggle for. 

 * Set goals and work quietly and systematically towards them. We must all try to resist quick-fix, simplistic answers and easy gains, which often disappear as quickly as they come. 

* Assign yourself. Don't wait around for your boss or co-worker or spouse to direct you to do what you are able to figure out and do for yourself.. Don't do just as little as you can to get by.

 * Never work just for money or for power. They won't save your soul or build a decent family or help you sleep at night.

 * Don't be afraid of taking risks or of being criticized. An anonymous said, "If you don't want to be criticized, don't say anything, do anything, or be anything." Don't be afraid of failing. It's the way you learn to do things right.

 * Take parenting and family life seriously and insist that those you work for and who represents you do.

 * Remember that your wife is not your mother or your maid, but your partner and friend. Learn and practice the sharing of family responsibilities.

 * Forming families is serious business. It requires a measure of thoughtful planning and commitment.

 * Be honest. Struggle to live what you say and preach. Be moral examples for your children. If you as parents cut corners, your children will too. If you lie, they will too.

 * Remember and help people remember that the fellowship of human beings is more important than the fellowship of race and class and gender in a democratic society.

 * Sell the shadow for the substance. Don't confuse style with substance. There is nothing wrong with wanting a BMW or nice designer clothe. But BMW is not an advanced degree and a designer clothe or Jacket is not a life goal or a worth life. Nobody ever asks what kind of car Ralph Bunche or Reinhold Niebuhr drove or who designed Martin Luther King, Jr.'s or Dorothy Day's clothes or who built Mary McLeod Bethune's or Lloyd Garrison's house. Don't confuse style with meaning. Get your inside in order and your direction clear first and then worry about your clothes and your wheels. You may need them less.

 * Never give up. Never think life is not worth living. I don't care how hard it gets. An old proverb reminds: "When you get to your wit's end, remember that God lives there."

I will be posting a second part. Which of these lessons do you agree or disagree with?

January 15, 2013

30 Ways to Be Happy, Healthy and Wise

Envision a life of abundance and joy. Then use the affirmations below as inspiration for what you would like to make happen in the months or years to come. These affirmations are listed in the present tense to help you see them as a vivid reality.
Which one speaks the loudest to you right now?

* I love my life

* I am protected and I am blessed

* I make a difference in this world

* Within my village, I am raising a child

* My time and talents strengthens others

* My neighbours and I look out for one another

* My family and friends love and nourish me

* I look good and receive compliments everyday

* I embrace new experiences

* I sleep peacefully and awaken energized

* I have rainy-day funds, insurance and a will

* I own a beautiful and love-filled home

* I forgive all who have hurt or betrayed me

* I work out to keep my body strong and supple

* I've got stamina, thanks to regular activity

* I drink moderately in good spirits, or not at all

* I am free of drama, pain and regret

* I am free of drugs and nicotine

* My credit is excellent and I am debt-free

* I am learning all that I need to know

* I radiate health, thanks to natural foods

* I take care of my body and it takes care of me

* I own a successful business

* I love my work; it enriches others

* I relish adventures and special moments

* I embrace and enjoy my sexuality

* I have found my soul mate, who cherishes me

* I have enough wealth to pass on

* My retirement is secure

* I maintain a healthy weight with little effort

January 14, 2013

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop

Welcome to the Weekend Blog Hop where you can link up your favorite post of the week. Thank you for joining us and linking up. We are happy you are here and hope you will always come around. We have had a great week and now it's time for us to increase our followers by Blog Hopping all through the Weekend. Come and make new friends and find some interesting blogs to follow. You are free to link up to 3 different post or just your main blog. Happy Hopping.

January 07, 2013


If you are like me, I've searched the Internet over and wasted lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to be schemes. I've always wanted to start my own business that was LEGITIMATE and HONEST (and not a "pie in the sky" fairy tale). Well, I did it! I've officially started my own home business as an affiliate with SFI (Strong Future International). Here are some of the reasons why I decided to go with SFI: 

* Their parent company has been around since 1985. 

* It's free to get started. 

* They're in over 190 countries worldwide. 

* You can do everything from home on your com

* 24-hour support. 

* Free training and free Website. 

* They're growing rapidly and there's lots of money to be made. 

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain here, including more time with your family and more money in your wallet. It's well worth looking at SFI and investing in your future with us. For more information, see

January 01, 2013

Reading Eggs & Reading Eggpress (5 WEEKS FREE ACCESS)

5 WEEKS FREE ACCESS to the Reading Eggs programs 

It's Christmas time and I have an ideal  gift for your young ones ages 3-13.

Reading Eggs & Reading Eggpress – Where children become great readers

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are comprehensive, highly interactive online programs for children aged 3-13 years old.

The Reading Eggs program is successful because they make learning phonics and basic reading skills a truly enjoyable experience by turning learning to read into a series of fun games and activities with rewards along the way. Reading Eggspress then supports your child through the next stage of learning focusing on comprehension and grammar and is a great way for them to continue developing their reading skills.

For this holidays season, we  would like to offer all my blog readers, followers, visitors, fans, friends and families a 5 WEEK FREE ACCESS to the Reading Eggs programs so you can see for yourself how they can help your child.

To register for your free 5 week trial with Reading Eggs simply:
  • Register your email address and create a password
  • Activate your account and add your child
  • Once set up is complete add your promotional code UKB24MBE in the ‘Have a promo code?’ box located on your parent dashboard and click ‘redeem’
  • Click on ‘Start Reading’ to begin your learning journey with your 5 week free trial

This access is free and open to everybody worldwide. You are also free to share it with your friends and families too.  Hope you enjoy it and I'm wishing you a happy holiday season.

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