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January 01, 2013

Reading Eggs & Reading Eggpress (5 WEEKS FREE ACCESS)

5 WEEKS FREE ACCESS to the Reading Eggs programs 

It's Christmas time and I have an ideal  gift for your young ones ages 3-13.

Reading Eggs & Reading Eggpress – Where children become great readers

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are comprehensive, highly interactive online programs for children aged 3-13 years old.

The Reading Eggs program is successful because they make learning phonics and basic reading skills a truly enjoyable experience by turning learning to read into a series of fun games and activities with rewards along the way. Reading Eggspress then supports your child through the next stage of learning focusing on comprehension and grammar and is a great way for them to continue developing their reading skills.

For this holidays season, we  would like to offer all my blog readers, followers, visitors, fans, friends and families a 5 WEEK FREE ACCESS to the Reading Eggs programs so you can see for yourself how they can help your child.

To register for your free 5 week trial with Reading Eggs simply:
  • Register your email address and create a password
  • Activate your account and add your child
  • Once set up is complete add your promotional code UKB24MBE in the ‘Have a promo code?’ box located on your parent dashboard and click ‘redeem’
  • Click on ‘Start Reading’ to begin your learning journey with your 5 week free trial

This access is free and open to everybody worldwide. You are also free to share it with your friends and families too.  Hope you enjoy it and I'm wishing you a happy holiday season.

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