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January 15, 2013

30 Ways to Be Happy, Healthy and Wise

Envision a life of abundance and joy. Then use the affirmations below as inspiration for what you would like to make happen in the months or years to come. These affirmations are listed in the present tense to help you see them as a vivid reality.
Which one speaks the loudest to you right now?

* I love my life

* I am protected and I am blessed

* I make a difference in this world

* Within my village, I am raising a child

* My time and talents strengthens others

* My neighbours and I look out for one another

* My family and friends love and nourish me

* I look good and receive compliments everyday

* I embrace new experiences

* I sleep peacefully and awaken energized

* I have rainy-day funds, insurance and a will

* I own a beautiful and love-filled home

* I forgive all who have hurt or betrayed me

* I work out to keep my body strong and supple

* I've got stamina, thanks to regular activity

* I drink moderately in good spirits, or not at all

* I am free of drama, pain and regret

* I am free of drugs and nicotine

* My credit is excellent and I am debt-free

* I am learning all that I need to know

* I radiate health, thanks to natural foods

* I take care of my body and it takes care of me

* I own a successful business

* I love my work; it enriches others

* I relish adventures and special moments

* I embrace and enjoy my sexuality

* I have found my soul mate, who cherishes me

* I have enough wealth to pass on

* My retirement is secure

* I maintain a healthy weight with little effort


Jess@Fairday's Blog said...

Great list!
I relish adventures and special moments is the one that speaks the loudest to me right now.

Happy 2013!

Nekky said...

Thanks Jess for your comment. Wishing you a healthy and adventurous 2013.

Camille said...

Great list! I need to make my own list of affirmations and say them every morning. I just need to figure out what they should be. :)

Judy Haughton-James said...

Great list of affirmations. I am a firm believer in saying affirmations.They lift the spirit and help to make one's life better. Thanks for sharing Nekky.

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