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June 01, 2012

Tips For Preventing Afro Textured Hair Loss (Fashion and Beauty Friday)

Many people, even the young ones are now experiencing lots of hair-losses. Some say their hairs are falling out like crazy and I think this is because of too much chemicals that are found in most hair products we are using. Most of the hair products out there (starting from shampoos) contains some unimaginable chemicals you won't even like to lay your hands on talk-less of pouring them on your hair. 

For somebody like me with an Afro textured hair, I try as much as possible to use more natural products for my hair. What's best is to prevent your hair from falling out in the first place (no matter your hair type). 

Here are a few ways you can do this:

1. Consider changing your hairstyle from time
to time to let your scalp and locks breathe.
Why? Because tight braids, coils, and twists
may loosen hair and cause it to come out.

2. Use wide-tooth combs and brushes whenever
possible. If you use a narrow-tooth comb or
brush, it can yank your hair and pull it out
in clumps.

3. Avoid combing your hair vigorously or too
often. A few strokes of the brush each day
should be enough to stimulate oil production
to protect the hair shaft and scalp and
maintain a nice shine.

4. Do not over-process your hair. If you use
relaxers, and leave them in your hair too
long, you may end up with a chemical burn. If
this happens, your hair may fall out until
your scalp is healed.

Follow these suggestions and you'll prevent
your shiny, healthy hair from becoming
damaged and falling out.


Musadhique Kottapramban said...

your blog seems very powerful..
keep blogging..

Stop Hair Loss said...

Thanks for sharing such a useful tips..It really helps a lot to prevent the hair loss

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