Changing environment, learning new language and new culture,being a wife and a mother, living far away from families and friends, I have come to share my views, thoughts, feelings, ideas on so many things that I cherish.

October 23, 2013

Wonderful Wisdom

When questions linger,
When doubts arise,
I need only to ask,
To look in Your eyes.

Knowledge and wisdom
You freely give,
Indeed You provide
All I need to live.

 With light and love
You instruct and guide;
With compassion and care
You stay by my side.

Never in the dark
Need I walk alone,
Your light You shed,
As I am Your own.

Your wisdom You share
Freely with love;
Many treasures You prepare
In Heaven above.

So of You and for You
My heart does sing,
For I rejoice in wisdom
You always bring.

I celebrate the light
On my path You shed,
I marvel that by You
I am faithfully led.

Yes, knowledge and wisdom
You freely give;
Lord Jesus, You alone
I need to live!

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