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June 20, 2014

Girlfriends: 6 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Hold On To

Great Friendships Are Priceless

The good friends in your life are often overshadowed by the drama the bad ones bring. Sure, you complain about the faux friends in your world – you know, the shady ones, you can’t half trust, who are more like acquaintances, and you can’t wait to hang up the phone and talk about? – but what about the keepers? The one who calls you back to check on you, even when you rudely told her to leave you be; the one who went with you to that party so you could save face when your date blew you off. If you’re blessed enough to have one of these six friend types in your life, hold on tight.

The Kindred Soul

She may not always have the answers, but you’re kindred souls, so she will understand. She can sense when something’s off in your world, and you know just when she needs you most. You’re sisters from another mother and you’ll want to continue to love and cherish her the way you do your own family.

The Motivator

Her friendship challenges you to go places you’ve never been, do things you swore you couldn’t, and reach heights you never imagined you could soar to. She’s an inspiration, and she’s not afraid to push you when it counts. Put simply: Your relationship is priceless. Remember that.

The Confidant

Your private matters are safest with her, and you know it; that’s why you tell her everything. She’ll guard your secrets with her life, so don’t you go giving up any of hers. Continue to be each other’s ears to listen. You’ll always need a trustworthy friend like this along the road of life.

The Teammate

If you have an extra ticket, she’s there. When it’s raining, and no on else feels like coming out for a drink, she’s already on her way. You know her well: She’s that friend you can truly count on to be down for whatever and right there by your side. You can’t imagine your social life without her, so be willing to put in the work it takes to be sure she sticks around. Remember to be there when she needs a no-fuss buddy.

The Fighter

Most-likely the loudest one in your circle, this friend has zero problems telling you what’s on her mind. Her no-nonsense attitude is a breath of fresh air when you need someone who’s not afraid to keep it real. She’ll stand up for you even when you’re not prepared to defend yourself and she loves just as hard as she fights. Know this woman? Keep her around!

The Rock

When you’re at your weakest, she’s strong for you. Her words of wisdom and support echo in your heart and soul and lift you back to happy places. She’s made room in her heart for you, so make sure you thank her for being your rock, and always show her some love.
If you’re lucky enough to have one of these types of women by your side in life, never let them go  -  Charli Penn  



ekanma said...

omg!!!!!!! a nigerian!!!! imagine Meeting one here!!!! im still going thru your Posts. i just began my Blogging lie and i totally love it. still too new to add onto the expat blog in Germany site but check me out when you can!!!!!

Nekky said...

Thanks for stopping by Ekanma. Blogging is fun and I can't wait to hop over to visit your blog. Have fun.

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