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October 24, 2014

Teaching Young Children About God in Everyday Life {Truth for Tots}

Hi everyone, I saw this post from Jenni Mullinix and I can't help but sharing it with you. I was raised up in a Christain family which I grew up to cherish. As a mother, I'm trying to do the same but due to everyday stress (work, school,family, households, after-school-activities,e.t.c.), I hardly have time to sit with my kids to talk about God or study the bible. 
I find this post helpful because it touches different ways we can teach our young children about God in everyday life. Hope you enjoy it.

One of the most significant things we can to as mothers to teach young children about the Lord is to live out our faith in everyday life, sharing Biblical truths along the way through our words and actions.
As Sally Clarkson shares in Desperate: Hope for the Weary Mom,
“It is so vitally important that we live with integrity by choosing to worship God in front of our children through all the moments of our day.”
Today I would like to share with you four things that I try to do every day to help my toddler begin her journey toward authentic faith and a personal relationship with Christ.

god every day

How to Teach Little Ones about God Throughout the Day

1. Pray with your kids. You can do this in the morning, at mealtime, during family devotions, before bedtime, or all of the above. Whenever you choose, it is important for your little ones to hear you pray so they can learn to pray themselves. Understanding that God listens to our prayers it an important lesson for young children to learn in order for them to grow in their faith.

2. Read faith-based books. Setting aside time each day to read Bible stories or other inspirational tales can be a great way to introduce toddlers to God and teach important character qualities. And there are so many great Christian books for you to choose from! I especially like Biblical resources that incorporate academic learning.

3. Sing and listen to Christian music. Teach your littles popular Christian children songs, hymns and praise songs. Play worship music while doing chores or in the car. Singing is also one of the best tools to use for memorizing Bible verses when they are ready.

4. Talk about God. Incorporate God in your everyday conversations. When taking a nature walk, mention how God created everything they see. Discuss how we should be thankful to the Lord for providing the blessings we have in our lives. Remind them of God’s commandments when they are dealing with temptation. Although little ones won’t completely understand all that you say, they will be hearing to the truth of God, which will take root in their hearts.

As you begin to make these simple actions a part of your daily routine, I believe you will be amazed at how much your children begin to pick up. My daughter (currently 19 months) is often the one initiating prayer before dinner and randomly begins singing praise songs while helping me with the dishes or riding in the car. Little moments like that make this mama’s heart full of joy!
What are some ways you teach your children about God throughout the day? 

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