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February 06, 2015

Fresh Ideas: Febraury 2015 Healthy Eating Tips

Welcome to Fresh Ideas! Love is always in the air in February and you'll probably find it no surprise that it's National Heart Health Month. In this issue, learn about foods to keep your heart healthy, find recipes to cook up a hearty healthy dinner for your valentine and save big on our Homemade with LOVE dishes!

Give the heart closest to you a special gift on Valentine's Day by treating yourself to heart-healthy foods. It's been proven that exercise and eating right are two steps that can reduce your risk of heart-related illness and disease. 
Three Simple Heart-Healthy Eating Habits:
  1. Limit high fat foods such as red meats, cheeses, fried foods and baked goods.
  2. Eat more fruits & vegetables. Raw, baked or steamed are best.
  3. Avoid salt (aka sodium) by eating less processed and fast foods. Limit salty snacks too.
When it comes to lowering your risk of heart-related illness and disease, some foods do it better than others. These heart healthy foods are often called "SUPER" foods, because they contain high amounts of the special nutrients that have been proven to help the heart, including:
  • Antioxidants which are nutrients that help to fight off cancers
  • Fiber which can lower cholesterol and reduce buildup of plaque in arteries
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids which reduce risks of irregular heartbeats that cause heart attacks
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Cyprian Ogba said...

Most of us know the right things to take for the nourishments of our heart and body but we find it very difficult to do them because of one or two things we are pursuing.

Sipcyp News Alive said...

That was a great I have learnt some tips.

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