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February 27, 2012

Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop

Welcome to  Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop. We are very happy to have you here. A special welcome to all my first visitors. If you are already a part of this hop, we are thanking you so much for your help in building Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop and making it a success. Come and Get Connected and stay Connected. With this hop, you will increase your strength, followers, readers and connect to other bloggers in which ever way you like.
This hop is now hosted by Reflexions and World Bloggers Community(a new community for bloggers world wide). 

This blog hop is for family friendly websites only.

Feel free to grab the button if you want.
                          Get Connected and Stay Connected!!!

Here are the rules:

1.) Follow the hosts  Reflexions   on Google friends connect
2.) and sign up to World Bloggers Community

3.) Visit and read some great blogs and follow the ones you like.
*  It would be nice if you follow at least the two blogs that are linked up before you, that way, everybody will get followed. Thanks.

If you are a new follower please leave a comment so we can follow you back....

*We are also connecting via Twitter and FaceBook. Use the second linky to link up your Twitter and Facebook Fan Page and you will also get some new followers and fans. Be sure to follow the Host and the Guest-Host.


SRM said...

Thanks for the blog hop! Happy blogging =)

DMarie Michael said...

Thanks for having this. Please visit my newest blog

Meryl said...

Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

DMarie Michael said...

why do I have a red x by my blog name??? What did I do wrong???

Nekky said...

Hello DMarie, thanks for linking up to Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop and for posting it on your blog.
I just want to tell you that the red x on your blog name is only for you. No one else can see it. It's like that for every other person that linked up. It gives you the possibility of deleting your link if you no longer want it there or if you need to edit or make some changes. You are just fine, the red x is not any thing bad. Thanks for asking.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the blog hop as always!! :)

Ruth said...

Thanks for hosting.Now following your blog.

Have a fabulous week ahead :)

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

What a great way to meet other bloggers. Thanks for an awesome blog post.


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