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December 17, 2012

Baldor Products

My family has owned a small automotive shop for decades, and the current economy has not been kind to many small businesses. We are passionate about our business, but we knew we would have to make some changes to stay competitive.

However, there were plenty of things that we were not willing to do. We knew that we could not raise our prices very much and keep our current customers. We were definitely not willing to sacrifice the quality of service that our customers had come to expect.

During a staff meeting, one of my employees suggested that we could reduce costs by buying our equipment from another source. We were not thrilled with our current equipment provider, and they kept raising their prices. I started researching automotive equipment companies on the Internet, and I came across the website for Mile-X.

Mile-X is a company that specializes in offering equipment to automotive shops and other similar businesses at bargain prices. The website has a great selection of high quality products from trusted equipment brands.

Baldor is my favorite equipment brand, so I love that carries a great selection of Baldor products at great prices.

Switching to has saved my company both time and money. We receive our equipment quickly after placing our orders, and the order processing is always accurate. When I am not sure what to order, I contact the company, and friendly customer service representatives are always happy to share their immense product knowledge with me.

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