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December 17, 2012

Polaris RZR

I have been shopping for ATV products and accessories at Side by Side Accessories for years. I really enjoy the purchases that I have made from the website, and their prices cannot be beat in my area. I also enjoy visiting Side by Side's website because they keep me updated about the latest Polaris RZR news. I love finding out what is going on with Polaris since I own two of their vehicles. 

The news I read at Side by Side Accessories today was particularly interesting. I always think of Polaris in a recreational sense, but the company is also working hard to assist our military. Polaris Industries recently announced that they have developed an airless tire specifically for military use. Since this tire does not require any air to be inflated, it cannot go flat. This is particularly helpful when military vehicles are driving over tough, uneven terrain. Although the tire has not been actually used by the military yet, it was first viewed at the 2012 U.S. Army Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C. Dr. Ali Manesh, a mechanical engineer, was the first to develop this product. His start-up company, Resilient Technologies, was acquired by Polaris Industries earlier this year. 

The never-flat tire is made of plastic honeycombs covered by a thick layer of rubber tread. The military is currently testing the new tires on military ATVs. During the test, the military will note how the tires hold up against rough terrain, bullets, debris and other obstacles.

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