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February 20, 2013

How to Get Your Kid to Let You Brush Her Hair

Isn't there an old wives' tale advising one hundred strokes before bed? Yeah, right. Most parents would happily settle for ten strokes before school. The 'bed head' look may be popular with teenagers, but does it work on a three-year-old?

Ways to Go About  It

* K.I.S.S.- Keep It Short!!! Sounds stupid right?. If your child really has a hard time getting her hair brushed, combed or braided, keep it short. It's simpler.

* Wash her hair every other night, using both a kid's shampoo and a separate kids' conditioner. (To minimize annoyance with the process, put the shampoo on first, then the conditioner, comb/detangle it before you rinse all at once. This should make it less unruly.

* If your child has curly hair, wash it two or three times a week or keep it braided.

* Use a "tangle free" spray to reduce the formation of knots.

* Seek expert advice. Ask your hairdresser which type of hairbrush and hair products will work best for your child's hair type.

Help The Situation

° Comb or brush her hair while she is in the shower or bath. Don't wait for a larger battle later.

° Start at the ends (where the knots are) and work your way up. This will minimize discomfort. Hold the hair above the knots so that you don't pull at your child's scalp.

° For kids who enjoy having special ribbons and barrettes in their hairs, make these accessories an incentive. Tell your daughter that you are going to make her look like a princess, a favourites character, or a friend who always wears barrettes.

° Brush, braid or weave your child's hair while she's in front of the television, computer (if that will work for you) or better yet, while your spouse or any other person that she likes reads aloud to her. When distracted, kids are less likely to complain.

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Sounds a good job I have all boys

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