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March 05, 2013

Get Your Kid a Haircut

Most children are afraid of haircuts because they think the process will hurt - and who can blame them? You see a stranger coming at your head with a pair of scissors, and you might be afraid, too. Plus, haircuts require sitting completely still for anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. How do you get your little rock star to agree to a visit with Vidal Sassoon.

Ways To Go About It

* Tell your child when you're going to get your hair cut, as a way to subtly teach him/her that it's something grownups and kids do. Better yet - let him/her come along with you to see how it all works and that it won't hurt.

* Find a good kid-friendly barber with lots of toys, games, and other entertaining items.

* Don't say you're going to the barber - learn the barber's name and say you're going to your friends place, calling the barber by name.

Help The Situation

* Do it yourself - set up a "barber shop" or a "salon" in your house. Invite your child in for his/her appointment. Ask him/her to bring money with which to pay you (you can let him use real money). Play fun, kid-friendly music - let your child pick. Allow him/her  to  wet her own hair with a spray bottle (don't scold if she gets you wet).  Talk through the haircut. Tell jokes. Ask questions. Start slow - do not give your child an aggressive haircut. Begin with a trim. After the haircut, comment repeatedly on what a "big kid" he/she was. Tell your friends. Celebrate the milestone in some way.

* Enlist a second adult or older sibling. Use previously mentioned tactics but add an element of immobilization. Your child can sit on the adult's or sibling's  lap or in a highchair during the haircut. Have the second adult distract her.

* Use a video or a snack or both. (Caution: The snack may get hairy.) Work very quickly. Let go of the idea that it all needs to happen in one sitting.

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FoodMuster said...

I've got 4 kids and I had issues with all my kids getting their hair cut. We usually start a couple of weeks telling them they will need a hair cut. I think going to a hair salon where its kid friendly helped with my kids. My husband also started cutting our son's hair to help the situation, but it was pretty much the same reaction!! We ended up giving them a milkshake or a lolly to get it done!! Thankfully it only has to be done every couple of months!!! I found your blog on Claire's Weekend Blog Hop:)

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