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March 25, 2013

Five Ways To Ease Into Spring

If you are considering breaking out of your comfort  aesthetic zone this Spring - whether you are a working class or stay-at-home mom, single or married, etc, it will be less daunting when you start small. The winter months are behind us and with the freshness of the spring, you can add more colours and life to your day-to-day fashion.

1.  Slowly add new colours to your wardrobe. You don't need to quit an earth tone habit cold turkey or trade all your pastels for more somber shades. Just try a fresh palette; most importantly, put on one thing - like a pair of shoes, you can even try flat white sandals for women or  a colour you've never worn before.
2.  Tweak your haircolour by one or two shades. This will make your hair suddenly look brighter and fresher. You can try some semi-permanent  dyes that washes out over several weeks or just apply a gloss to add shine and tone down brassiness.

3.  Try a hair piece. This is not scary as many women  would think. Add extra length  and body by clipping a fall under your own hair just beneath your crown. Don't be hesitant to experience some bangs for a while.

4.  Pick up a new bag. You don't just have to wear it, just carry it. That's why a purse or tote that's a little funkier, or more conservative, than your usual look is a perfect gateaway piece.

5.  Get glimmery. A little sparkle, whether metallic shoes or a shimmery top, can give a live to your look - even during daytime (try to avoid bright colour, a skintight silhoutte, and brilliant shine all at one).

Do you have other ideas? Share with us.


Anonymous said...

It's Autumn in New Zealand but it's already feeling like Winter. I love your spring list. I need to find a big new bag that isn't black! xo

Nekky said...

Oh really Michelle, I never new there is so much difference in the seasons.
A bright coloured bag will do you good. I'm a fan of big bags too.

Joslin said...

I really want to try some bright colored pants. I just have work up the nerve to buy a pair.

Crack You Whip said...

It was never really winter here in Louisiana. I wish I would have been able to wear my boots!

But, oh yes, I am ready for spring. Time to shop:)

Camille said...

Great tips. I can't wait for Spring! I need to go shopping though because I have literally no warm weather clothes that fit.

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