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March 27, 2013

We Need A Commercial Mower!!!

I love houses with big yards and that's why I'm enjoying my home for over four years now. My kids have enough space to play and run around as they want and we enjoy the company of friends and relatives during the warm seasons when we invite them over for BBQ party. For the fact that we have kids who like to play around the yard with their friends and we always like our friends to come and hang out with us, we try to maintain some decency in and around our home.
My husband is not a professional when it comes to mowing the lawn but I think he is very good in cutting our 3,5 acres. At first he had a hard time doing this and  has tried different techniques but he  finally found out that the size of the engine counts a lot. We are considering to buy one of the best commercial mowers as soon as we can afford it because it will make life a bit easier for him (he doesn't just have fun doing it).  He puts extra efforts when mowing the lawn to make sure that our yard looks nice and he cuts almost every 4 days but our mower leaves lanes of cut grass pieces that looks horrible. He was getting really frustrated and since he has a job that is taking him outside the state, he can't stand cutting so often. He had to do it anyway because he didn't want our yard to look nasty since other people living in our neighbourhood are doing a good job at maintaining their own property.  We noticed that some of our friends who get their yards cut by professionals who use all these big  commercial mowers always have their yards looking gorgeous.
The quality of cut is greatly affected by the cleanliness of the underside of the deck, sharp blade, high engine speed, etc. The professional operators don't want dissatisfied customers so they try to always keep the blades sharp and the decks clean.
A commercial mower has a higher blade tip speed and a more efficient design to process the grass in variety of conditions. If we can afford one of those, I think it will handle our property very good. But until then, we have decided to let the professionals do it for us and we are satisfied  with their work so far. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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