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March 29, 2013

Plumber Job - A Job To Appreciate

I like doing a lot of things around the house. Sometimes I try to fix things by myself instead of running out to get a handy-man. My husband help out with  so many things at home too but he is not handy at all. When some things need to be fixed, I try to give it a go by trying to see if it's what I could do before calling the professionals. Our friends are always amazed how I get some things done and this has really helped our family finance because we don't give out a lot. I have tried my hands on so many things and  I'm most thankful to my dad from whom I got much experience in doing plumber job. Plumber jobs are one of the jobs that no one should underestimate. If you have found yourself in a situation that you urgently needed the service of a plumber, you would understand what I am talking about. If you have witnessed a scene where a frozen pipe busted, and a plumber was there to save the situation, you would agree with me that they are like life savers. My dad was the most sort after back then in out neighbourhood not just because of his job but because of the passion with which he did it.  
Several years ago, when we bought our house we needed to renovate a lot of things, although we got the services of professionals but the little experience I have was an added advantage for  us. I tried to work together with them and I asked a lot of questions, they explained so many things to me. They were nice and patience.  I'm not saying that I'm that good but there are some basic things I can do. I learnt a lot from my my father because I was always helping him when I was younger. I was always there when he was fixing things at home (I could  help him hold or measure out things ) I knew all the tools he was using. I still remember those days, though we don't say much to each other when he is working (fixing things) but I felt we connected  a lot. We shared a lot of eye contacts and smiles. Several times, he would even ask me to go with him when he was working for family friends. Because I was always with him, I learned a lot of things without knowing it. Today, I would say that I'm reaping the results.

When I talk about frozen pipes with friends, here are some basic things I tell them to do  in case their pipes freeze or burst and that's what I also want to share with you.

1. The very first thing to do is to turn off the water at the mains.

2. A frozen or burst pipe presents an immediate problem but looking for specialists in diagnosing and fixing the problem is your best option.

3. If the water has burst and you are wet, stay out of electrics around the pipe. If it has not burst, try to protect any electric around the pipe.

Though things like this don't happen very often but if they do, you would be thankful that you know what to do instead of being confused.

 This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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