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January 02, 2014

My Wishes For the Year 2014

A New Year Filled With Wishes
A new year has arrived
And with that a lot of resolutions
I have so many on my list
It causes me a lot of confusion.

So I decided to make my resolutions "wishes"
And spread them with lots of cheer
They go out to you, and you, and you
Throughout this  year.

I wish for you a year filled with peace
Tranquillity, serene moments and love
Friends in abundance on whom you can rely
And bountiful blessings from above.

I wish for you a year filled with happiness
And no troubles to come your way
A path that is easily walked
And sunshine to fill your days.

I wish for you a year filled with joy
Laughter, hugs and kisses
A year you will always remember
Full of accomplishments, not near misses.

Herald in this time I wish for you
Make this year different from the rest
Fill it full of wonderful memories
Make this new Year one of your best!

1 comment:

Sharon Pate said...

Thanks for co-hosting the weekend blog hop, Nekky. I appreciate the happy new year blessings you sent out to your readers and followers. I wish the same happiness and successes for you. I plan to follow you on GFC. All the best,


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