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February 23, 2011


As a mother, you don't have to be an expert before you start doing some craft with your children. I'm not that good either but at times, ideas of things to do just come from nowhere. Children on their own are so creative and sometimes, I get ideas from them. At times, I have to ask them what they want us to do.
This evening, I decided to make some snacks (Meat-Pie) for the week just before dinner. As always, I was not alone in the kitchen. I had four extra hands to help (or stress) me out. They helped me cut out the patterns and I allowed them to play with the rest of the pie crust while I put the meat-pie in the oven. "Mummy, look I have a hedgehog" called Bryan, showing me the pie crust he moulded into a ball. Just then, I got some ideas on how to make Hedgehog.
I helped them flattened out the ball shaped dough into an irregular oval, then they had to put lots of spaghetti sticks all over the body. We put a pair of googly eyes to make them look more real. At the end, we had two Hedgehog-brothers. They were so happy at the results. This craft was less than 10 minutes. I put them in the oven for about five minutes to dry. I cant wait for them to wake up tomorrow to see the final results.
These are some of the meat-pies (made from whole grain flour).

I had the urge to make a better looking one for the pictures but hey, Why won't I let other people appreciate what these little kids did by themselves.

Another view.


uchechi may nzerem said...

the kids really did a wonderful job.kip it up mum.

chinenye said...

that is a great idea & work 4m them,.. ilove that

Fotonia Lokasia said...

is look like delicious & cute

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