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February 18, 2011

Kinderturnen (Children's Gymnastic)

We are still in that season of the year (winter) when you spend most of the time indoors with the kids. I still go for a walk with them but it's not always as it would be when the weather is warm.
There are many indoor activities I do with my kids like crafting, painting, puzzles, games, dancing, etc., but little kids need lots of opportunities to get physical.They learn how their body work and burn off some energy by climbing, running, dancing, jumping etc. Little kids are so active that they get the exercise they need simply from going about their daily routine. But when they are stuck inside, especially in cold seasons (where they are always cautioned to be careful not to hurt themselves, not to jump on the couch, not to climb and so on), then KINDERTURNEN is a good indoor sport activity for them. Kinderturnen is a recreational gymnastic for children of all ages. Participants can include children as young as two years old and sometimes even younger. The whole idea is developing skills and making fitness fun and not producing future Olympians.
Tiffany has been doing this for over a year now and I also signed  up for Bryan (mother-child group) for some couple of months now. All I have to say is that THEY LOVE IT.
See Photos:

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