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October 01, 2012

PREGNANCY ( Annoying questions - smart answers)

Every Pregnant woman knows it. As soon as the joyful announcement is made to the relatives or friends, then you are always bombarded with questions. The interest of others is beautiful and probably they don't mean any harm but can be sometimes annoying.

At times, you see some strangers on the street, in the bus, etc. bombarding the expectant mom with questions. Most women (like me) gracefully answers their unending questions but some women do not have the desire to share such personal details especially with strangers.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:
1. Was the pregnancy planned?
Possible answers:
* No, I didn't know how it happened. Just woke up one morning and I'm pregnant.
* I didnt plan it, but I expected it.

2. How does it feel to be pregnant?
* Great. I can only recommend it.
* If I had known how great it is, I would have been forever pregnant for years.

3. Do you already have a name for the baby?
* No, we want to know what it looks like first.
* The name does not play a role since we will always call him "sweetie".
* We will call him anything but not "Enoch"

4. When are you expecting the baby?
*At the birth.
*Wait, I have to ask first.
*When he is ready.

5. Is it a boy or a girl?
* Yes
* Of course, an elephant can not fit into my belly.

6. Do you know what it will be?
* Probably a boy or a girl.
* I'm not so sure, but it's most likely to be a boy or a girl.
* Yes. A President.

7. How much kilos have you gained?
* I did not gain some kilos, I invested in my child.
* Unfortunately, my belly is too big. I cannot see the readings on the scale.
* I cannot differentiate how much I weigh from what the baby weighs.

8. Are you nervous because of the birth?
* Why? Should I?

9. What did your man say?
* I haven't told him yet. You are the first.

10.Is the baby not there yet?
* Of course, but I left him in the hospital.
* No, we are still waiting for the last person to call and ask.
* Hmm, please wait, let me check.
* No, he is still swimming.


Camille said...

Hahahah! So true, people always have to ask the most awkward questions about pregnancy. Love these answers!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Nekky,
I know that these questions are annoying but the way you answered them certainly made me smile this morning!:) Take care and have a good weekend.

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