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October 25, 2012

Introduction to German Cooking

Traditionally, Germans enjoy eating hearty meals. This has a lot to do with the cool northern European climate and large supply of meat in the country. Years ago, hard-working Germans needed to eat foods high in calories and nutritients to stay warm while working outside in cold weather. This German diet is similar to the old-fashioned American "Meat and Potatoes" diet, because many German immigrants settled in colder climates of America.

Germany, like America, is working hard to combat an increasing obesity problem. Since they they don't work outside in the cold anymore (or at least, not as much). Germans are learning they can still enjoy traditional favorites only in smaller portions. Health conscious Germans also include more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in their meals.  

Like many countries, German food varies by region. The northern region's specialties include pickled, smoked, and fresh fish because they are so close to the North and Baltic seas. In the central region, you will find wild game, sausages, and a variety of vegetables because this area has fertile soil for growing crops and grazing, and forests for hunting wild game. The southern area is the home to dumplings, breads, sweets and a variety of meat dishes. The famous Bavarian pretzel comes from the southern state of Bavaria. Eating local is a way of life in Germany, the styles of cooking and preserving foods comes from using local resources wisely.

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