Changing environment, learning new language and new culture,being a wife and a mother, living far away from families and friends, I have come to share my views, thoughts, feelings, ideas on so many things that I cherish.

December 11, 2011


I am so excited to be talking about this. I have so much looked/searched for it and I hoped that there would be one and finally it's here. It's the newly launched community for all African Bloggers(worldwide). It's the AFRICAN BLOGGERS COMMUNITY.
It's a community/platform where African bloggers and also non-African bloggers who love to share African Heritage connect. As a blogger with African origin, I've always looked for a community like this but only succeeded in finding directories (not a real community where one can really communicate and interact).
Finanlly, it's here and I am super excited.
Are you a blogger? Come and join us. Like I said, it's also open for non-African bloggers. See you there. xoxox.


JamericanSpice said...

That's a great idea! I'll come check it out.

Nekky said...

I'm definitely looking for to seeing you there.

Lindsay said...

How awesome is that!!

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Good Community to discuss various issue and get help.

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