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December 07, 2011

Reasons to Buy Handmade Shoes

Photo: John Lobb Bootmaker

I love shoes and I like men who wear good shoes. I've heard people say that "You can know a man's taste by looking at the pair of shoes he is wearing". I don't know how true it is but it made some sense to me. A man's shoes definitely tells a lot about him. My husband happens to be the type that goes for quality and classy shoes but he easily runs out of patience when he doesn't find what he wants. 

One of the things my husband and I share in common is our 'irregular shoe sizes'. Shopping for new shoes can be exhausting because we spend lots of hours visiting different shoe shops and trying out tons of shoes. The problem is always that the fitted ones are not the type of shoes we would want to wear and the ones we really like don't fit. This can be frustrating.

We couldn't be thankful enough since we opted for handmade shoes (especially my husband).  He loves them. Now  he enjoys wearing his shoes without feeling pains and I can now walk well (even in high heels) because I no longer wear those 'ill fitted shoes' that put tremendous stress on my legs. We found out that buying handmade shoes is not a luxury but it's giving your feet the necessity of comfortability, free from pains which usually affects the way you walk and can cause problems to the spine.

Here are 5 good reasons to buy handmade shoes:

1. They are comfortable. They are specially made for you no matter the size or the shape of your feet.

2. Handmade shoes are unique. They are not just made for people but made for you, your class and you can choose your design.

3. Handmade shoes are made of high quality and fine materials which assures better durability and comfortability compared to machine made ones.

4. If you buy a handmade shoe, you are not only buying quality but perfection and style to suit your personality.

5. Because of their incredible craftsmanship, they are made to withstand the pressure of high amount of wear and tear.

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