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December 29, 2011

Shaving with Shaving Soap

Shaving soap is generally referred to as hard soap that is whipped into a lather using a shaving brush.The lather it produces is used to coat the face during shaving, providing protection and lubrication for the razor. Shaving soap is not much different from regular soap except for some added clay that gives the soap extra slips and also works to purify the skin. Once you try a real soap to shave with, it will be difficult for you to try commercial shaving cream again.

 A hard shaving soap is used with a shaving brush to create lather for shaving. For soap in the form of a puck or bar, the brush is first soaked in water and then swirled vigorously over the surface of the soap, causing moist soap to coat the brush's bristles. The brush is then transferred either to a separate bowl or to the shaver's face to be lathered.

A shaving soap is produced like a traditional soap with an ingredient selection oriented to producing a stable, slick lather and its manufacture differs slightly from normal bath soap.

The primary advantages of shaving soap over commercial shaving creams is the additional hydration provided by shaving soaps. For optimal softening of whiskers, the natural oils on the face and whiskers must be removed. This is done effectively by shaving soap because of the oil removing soap ingredients, and the scrubbing action of the brush. Shaving soaps are also approved by the Transportation Security Administration and other airport security agencies as permitted in carry-on luggage.

Shaving soaps are known to provide rich and bountiful lather that will effortlessly lubricate, soften and moisturise the face, allowing for an incredible shaving experience every time.

Here are some ways to get best results using your shaving soap:

* Soak the bristles of the shaving brush in warm or hot water

*Swirl the shaving brush around in the soap until you get a nice leather

*Moving the shaving brush in an up-and-down pattern, the bristles of the brush
should gently ex-foliate your skin

*Keep your skin wet and lubricated while shaving with warm water

*Re-lather with the shaving brush as needed

*Rinse your razor often for best results

*After shaving, splash on some cold water to close up your pores

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JTWisdom said...

I will definitely have to get this shaving cream for my hubby. I really don't get hair on my legs so I don't have to shave much.
Thanks for sharing, we have an art of shaving store here in my neck of the woods.

Lindsay said...

Wow, I would love to try this!!

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