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January 05, 2012


Some couple of weeks ago, I was very excited about the launch of African Bloggers Community (where African and Non-African Bloggers unite) and I wrote a post about it. Little did we know that it will awaken lots of interests. After the launch, lots of mails were sent to the community.  Many bloggers indicated their interests in becoming members. Since the aim is to unite bloggers world-wide, a change was made. We are letting the old community go for a brand new one to start.

I am supper excited to announce to you that our new community is now WORLD BLOGGERS COMMUNITY (Connecting Bloggers From All Continents Of The World). It's a community for 'Who-Is-Who?' in the blogosphere. It is created for Men and Women of integrity, Moms and Dads, Single and Married, Old and Young people who love to blog their ideas, thoughts, emotions, tips, showcase their sites, what they do on-line,etc.
If you have an on-line presence, this community is for you. It is open for all family friendly sites!!!
WORLD BLOGGERS COMMUNITY will officially be launched this weekend with an interesting Giveaway. Sign-up is now open for everyone who is interested in becoming a powerful member of this Noble Social Network.

Important Hints:

Bloggers are also offered the chance of taking part of the launch by sharing the cash giveaway post on their sites. This will bring flocks of traffics and exposure to the sites of  anyone who will participate as lots of people will be entering the giveaway. 
World Bloggers Community is the network of the future and more and more people from around the world will be searching it in different search engines. Being a part of this giveaway will always make the name of your blog to appear any time World Bloggers Community is being searched for in google and others. Don't miss out!!!
If you are interested in taking part, feel free to fill out my contact form or send a mail to : worldbloggerscommunity@yahoo dot com

Like I said, sign-up is now open. Come and Join Us.

COME-ONE, COME-ALL. Let's make a history in the Blogoshere.


YulyaShenka said...

Thank you for invitation! Have joined!

Nekky said...

Thanks for joining.

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

Wow,I'd love to join~!
I'm going to sign-up and post your button on my blog!
Shannon F.

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