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April 05, 2013

With Chevy on the Romantic Road in Germany

I like going on road trips and I don't mind if they are long or short as long as I have a comfy ride.  I have travelled to many cities and countries and my best part is always when I'm cruising on the road. Now that I have kids, there is nothing I consider as travelling with a very sound and comfortable vehicle like the ones you can find at . Even when we travel with flights, we are sure to hire a family vehicle that will make us feel really at home. One of the things I like as an expatriate woman is that through my travelling to many countries, I  meet so many nice people, learn different cultures, learn new languages and of-course, taking long road trips. We enjoy cruising together on the high way to see the country well. Road trips are great and they are even better when in Europe. Instead of munching on fast foods on the road, you nibble on some local delicacies.

My best road trip was the first time I travelled through the Romantic Road in Germany and that was also the first time I drove one of Chevy  cars. It was an adventure I would never forget. It took a while to develop an itinerary and despite it being a little too tight, I thought we did pretty well.  Driving on German "autobahn" with a sophisticated vehicle was just nothing less than  perfect. We didn't want to use organised trip along the route because part of the charm is that we stopped when and where we wanted to. We stopped at almost every cathedral and sat down in most. It gave our feet a break and allowed us to take it all in. Part of the joy of having ones own car is the ability to make your own schedule and to make diversions off the recommended route to sites that interest you. Obviously, car hire is available from airports and cities and towns along the way for those arriving by plane and that was why we decided to rent a car. Plenty of other visitors come to the Romantic Road from other parts of Europe with their own vehicle too. Like I said, road trips are great. If haven't been on one, you need to give it a try.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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