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August 24, 2012

Summer Beauty Made Simple (Re-loaded)

It's Fashion Friday and I'm Starting out with a guest post  for Reflexions by Fierce.
She is a community blogger on Yahoo! Shine and a part of the Fashion and Beauty channel’s Shine Beauty Guru panel. Here is her Summer Beauty Tips for us, enjoy:

I’m soo thrilled to be guest blogging over here on Reflexions today and I just can’t help but talk about my first love – beauty!
Though the summer is my favorite time of the year, it’s also the hottest time, which means there’s more room for the elements to wreck havoc on your beauty routine! We all want to look good as we sit pool side or attend those outdoor summer parties so the crazy temps should stop us right? So here are some quick and easy beauty tips to make sure that you look good while you have fun this summer!

Give your skin some extra pampering!
Because makeup will be at a minimum, it’s important to make sure your gorgeous skin shines through! It’s a great time to treat yourself to a facial or two to give your face a good exfoliation as well as replenish it with the essential vitamins that keep your skin looking fresh! A great one to try is the Triple Oxygen Facial at Bliss Spa. If a facial isn’t in your budget, there are great at home products you can use. My favorites are the Triple Oxygen Energizing mask from Bliss Spa and the Mary Kay Microderm Abrasion Set.

Tinted Moisturiser is the Way to Go!
Foundation is way too heavy for these summer months (who would want to have your make-up to melt off?!) So your best option to keep your skin moisturised while giving you sheer coverage is using a tinted moisturiser. There are great brands to choose with different price points to fit your budget. I just ran out of my Mary Kay and until I find the Covergirl one that I really want, I’ve just been mixing a little bit of my foundation into my daily moisturizer, which works just as well!

Let your lips have all the fun!
As much as I love my eyeshadow, it pains me to go through all the time applying it, just to have it sweat off as soon as I step outside! So I’ve been giving them a break and experimenting with bold lip color instead! Not only is it a hot trend this season, it’s much easier to add a pop of color to your beauty look and reapply when you need to!

You can go for a soft, natural gloss, like this one from Avon in Constant Coral or get bold with Covergirl LipPerfection in Tempted.

What are your tips and tricks for looking great this summer?
For more on what beauty products I’m using this summer, check me out on my blog Fierce!


May said...

Great summer beauty tips. I love to learn more when it comes to beauty tips and so many other things that are attached to it. Congrats fierce for guest blogging on Reflections.

♥SimplyCrazyBeautiful said...

Awesome tips!! Thanks for guest blogging here at Reflections! =)

Kathy said...

Great tips!! This week I have been cutting back on my eyeshadow and amping up my lips, who knew I was actually being "trendy"!!! First time for everyting! Lol!!! Thanks again!!

Michelle @ Radiant Brown Beauty said...

Great post MJ! I agree on wearing gloss in the summer. It's simple and elegant too.

Kim Bee said...

I'm a gloss addict. Stopping by from voiceboks.

Fashion Tales.... said...

Yay! Great post about beauty MJ. I love bliss spa! For summertime I usually just wear a good blush or bronzer actually & just a gloss. I don't like too much makeup in the sun, & I'm loving all golden eye-shadows, which gives me a nice glow in the sun. This coral lip colour looks nice. Thanks! -xo

Laura said...

Great tips! Visiting from vB!

Mandi said...

I LOVE the tip about mixing foundation with moisturizer or going with tinted moisturizer. LOVE IT!!!

Visiting from vB!
Smile and Mama With Me

jillconyers said...

Hi from a new follower visiting from VB! Great information.

Blog: Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

FB: Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]
Great information!

Anonymous said...

Great information-- glad I found you

Friend from VB

Erin said...

I love gloss, but my hubby hates when I wear it! Stopping by from voiceBoks!

Kristina said...

Thanks for sharing - I love that summer means extra pampering... feels like summer all year round here! :)
Visiting from vB.

Product Junkie Mama said...

I enjoy posts about summer beauty tips. This was a great set of tips. Saying hi from Voiceboks!

Reasonably Less said...

Very Interesting, Love it! Nice site, I will be sure to come back to visit! Following you from Bloggy Moms!

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Natural Momma said...

Hello from your newest follower from the Mod'N'Natural Blog!

I barely wear makeup anymore! Love the tips!


*If you a own a dog- join me for fun & prizes with the Blog Pet Fest & #NewPuppy Twitter Party 7/20 @ 9pm EST*

Anna said...

Thanks for the tips !.

TyKes Mom said...

Great tips! As a busy mom, I always forget about my own grooming. Great to read some tips and get my mind to refocus on what I used to do for myself!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I love those beauty tips! It seems every year that passes -- I need them more and more.

Visiting you from vB!


Anna said...

thank you for visiting my shopping & coupon blog. Anna

Rachel Joy said...

Great tips. I love playing around with different lipstick color but I think my lips are shaped funny so I stick with chap stick or gloss at best...

Laura said...

Oh, thank God! This is exactly what I need! My summer beauty has been less than existent. One question: I have developed hideous freckles on my face after years of sun-baking. I seriously look like I have dirt on my face when I get any amount of sun. Tips? (I do have a face bleaching cream the derm gave me, but I can't use it if I'll be in the sun, and I'm in the sun everyday!)

Mouse Fan Diane said...

Really great tips. I use Mary Kay all the time, love their products. I'm a new follower. Please stop by mine too

Thanks Diane

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