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November 03, 2011

How To Prepare For A Long Distance Move

Preparing for a long distance move can be exciting. As an Expert woman, I've learnt from experience always to be open to new ideas and to be more informed. Every different move can have some few new challenges/surprises that comes with it. There are some mistakes some people make repeatedly but considering some of these few tips will help you to prepare yourself even more better.

1. Organise yourself. As soon as you know you are leaving and have started making some arrangements towards that, try giving notice to the electric and cable companies, give a written notice regarding your house/apartment, de-register at the city hall, contact a long distance moving company, etc.

2. Do not hesitate to tell anyone you want. It is advisable to tell some good people that you have had contact with. Tell them you'll be needing their help and ask if there is anything you need to do in advance.

3. Consider getting quotes from long distance movers. Some people have problems deciding moving or selling their stuffs. This is a personal decision but I prefer moving my stuffs. It makes me feel at home at my new place. Check if there is so much difference from the charges for moving some or all your stuff and decide on what goes with you and what stays behind.

4. If you have children, keep them involved in the plans for the move as much as possible. Research the school system, social life, etc of the place you are going to and ensure that not only you but your children have some idea of what to expect.

5. Don't forget the people you are leaving behind. Arrange for mail forwarding. Get their email addresses (or phone numbers if you can) so that you can contact them if you need to. Give them your new address, Facebook details or email address in advance because you might forget it as you have lots of things going on in your head.

6. Enjoy your last days. As soon as you leave, you will miss a lot of things. Make a list of things you would like to see or do. It could be places to visit, dates with friends, sharing times with families or whatever. Just explore them all. The memories will do you good.

7. When the day comes, relax and enjoy your ride. Your new life could even be better than the good life that is coming to an end (I bet it will). Accept it with an open mind.
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Nina Kunni said...

Thanks for sharing tips on how to engage in long distance move. Glad to be part of your blog.

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