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November 02, 2011

This Mama Forgot to Buy Halloween Sweets

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So many noise was made about Halloween. We talked about it several times, decorated the house and we even made some Halloween crafts. Personally, I don't do anything special on this day and my kids don't like dressing up for Halloween. One thing I always to do for sure is - Stuff my Candy Box with lots of  SWEETS.

On Halloween , I was about putting my kids to bed (at night) when I heard the first knock at the door. It was my friend with her daughter all dressed up in cute costumes. We were still  chatting at the door when the little girl (5 years) yelled "Nekky, we want some sweets". When I ran to the kitchen, I noticed that I had almost no sweets at home. I gave her a couple from what I had and saved the rest for any other emergency visit/s (from other kids). That night, I got the highest visits ever. Our door bell was ringing non-stop. I ran out of sweets after the first two visits and I couldn't open the door any more. Some of the kids had their baskets already filled with assorted types of sweets ( I wonder what they do with all of them). How can I explain to these expectant kids that I don't have any sweets to offer them? They will just mark me as that Mean Woman. It made feel kind of bad.
One thing I noticed this time (because I was peeping out of the window to know who was ring the door bell) was that not only the kids, but some of them were accompanied by their mothers. I find it cute but I don't know if I can do it (anyway, whatever makes the kids have fun). How could I have forgotten to get myself prepared for this? Anyway, I have a better plan for next year. Since my kids don't like dressing up, I'll dress up, stand behind the door and scare those kids before handing out my candies to them.

So what did you do on Halloween? Did your kids go out and did you go with them? Do you buy extra sweets for Halloween? I'd like to hear from you.


May said...

LOL! At least this will teach you to get more prepared for next year halloween. We didn't do much anyway.

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Every year I buy a bunch of candy, knowing that I won't get enough kids for it, but you have to just in case. Then, we end up eating it ourselves, getting us started off for a nice and chubby Holiday season!;)

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