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March 15, 2011

Birthday with Hornolino

I like how creative mothers can be when it comes to birthday party/celebration. We've been invited to so many Birthday celebrations and each one is always unique in its own way. The kids are not only just invited to come and eat and drink (which they are least interested in) but the host mothers always have a theme for the party, some craft activities, games, stories, etc. I've also noticed that choosing an interesting venue for the occasion makes it even more interesting. If you have a Garden, you might not need to look far (especially in summer) because you can do a lot of activities outdoors.
We've attended Birthday Parties in places like croco-island, jumpinn-freiberg, Bauernhof (farm house/barnyard), and one of my friends even celebrated for one of his sons at a Fire Service workshop where the children all dressed-up and pretended to work as fire men.
Lately, Big Sister was invited to the Birthday party of one of her friends from the kindergarten. It was in a small Museum (Das Hornmoldhaus, stadtmuseum.bietigheim-bissingen) in our city.
The Idea was for the kids to tour round the Museum while in search of a Treasure and the mothers to go out for coffee. I couldn't join the mothers though. I had to stay back with the kids since Little Brother wanted to take part and he couldn't stay without me. I went round the museum with the kids and as always, I put my Camera to use.
This is HORNOLINO, He is the resident of the museum (HORNMOLDHAUS) and he took us round. The kids loved him so much, they've only drawn his pictures ever since.
They started off by welcoming the children, introducing HORNOLINO to them, explaining why they were there and what they would be doing and singing a Birthday song to the celebrant.
Kids painting Hornolino's picture.
They were thrilled to see the whole city (Bietigheim-Bissingen) at a glance.
This was what the city looked like in the 1700's. At that age, there were no cars.
A good look at the picture will show a man on a horse. The cattle were left to move freely on the streets.
A small farmyard.
A stop over for some light refreshments.
Another painting break. Here, they painted some precious stones and flowers with which the museum is decorated.
Some Carriages.
As they were going round the museum, they also searched for treasure at every nook and cranny (which they finally found). Inside the chest were some collections of a Japanese Artist who lived in the city in the year..............ouch, I forgot.
Craft of the day: A small cotton bag filled with dried Lavenders. The kids made the prints themselves.
The finished work.
Last but not the least: Refreshment.

It was so exhausting (at least for me). Everything was done under two and half hours. I couldn't help but marvel at the kids. Still full of energy, they played and ran around. Non of them wanted to leave.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating and very interesting!

uchechi may nzerem said...

the kids had so much fun and also acquired knowledge.kip it up moms.

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