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March 07, 2011

FASCHING (Carnival in Kindergarten)

It's Fasching (Carnival) week in Germany. At least in Baden Württemberg ( I don't know if its all over Germany). It is usually done before Lent. It has a Christian background, but I don't know the whole story. This Carnival involves celebrations and parades and people often dress up with different types of costumes.
For children, this is a time for most of them to live their fantasies. When you listen to children in their make-believe plays, you can hear all the things they pretend to be - Pirates, Dragons, Superman, Police, Princesses, Fairy, Butterflies, and it goes on and on. Thanks goodness they can't be some of these things in real life.
Our Kindergarten has celebrated their own and it was great. Most of the kids dressed up and were treated to a buffet which was contributed by their parents.
Here are some of the pictures:
Most of the girls dressed up as princesses.

The boys - Pirates.

Breakfast Buffet - "LECKER".

I couldn't even pictures of all of them.

This is what their dinning look like every morning. The teachers are doing a great job.

The first day, my daughter cooked up her own dress-up. A combination of Tutu, Butterfly wings and a Magic wand. I don't know what to call her.

You can't DARE her!!!

On the second day, She finally agreed to dress as a princess. But she still had her wings(funny).


Martina said...

hallo Nneka,
du hast wie immer tolle Bilder gemacht.........

Nekky said...

Hi Martina,
du macht doch viel besser als ich.

uchechi may nzerem said...

dera looks great,the kindergarten really did a gud job.the type of decor i saw today in dave,s skool i wanted it to be

Nekky said...

Yea, such decor will make kids to always want to come back.

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