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March 30, 2011

Bietigheim wochenmarkt

I miss home, I miss my family, I miss my good old friends. At times, I live on the memories of the good old days and I always long for and look forward to such times again. I can't deny the fact that I'm loving it here in Germany. I have a great husband, blessed with two wonderful kids and surrounded by amazing friends but it's not always easy to throw away the past (especially, the things you cherished). Because of this, there are some things that I have found and embraced (here in Germany) because they remind me so much of home. I will be sending some posts on what I call things that reminds me of home. One of them is BIETIGHEIM WOCHENMARKT. This is a weekly market where farmers in our area bring their newly harvested food crops to the market. The market takes place just once in a week at the city centre and lasts for some couple of hours. There are fresh vegetables, fruits, home-made stuffs etc. This reminds me a lot about my village market (in Enugu State, Nigeria) because, they share some similar characteristics. Going to this market every week has become a ritual. I love the fact that I can interact and chart with the people (the local farmers) I'm buying things from, ask questions and get some tips (eg, some recipes) from them as opposed to the groceries stores. It also feels good to know where the food items I buy are coming from.
I still remember that one of the motivations for making my own baby foods was - If I could always get them fresh and direct from the organic farmers, then I could make better baby foods than whatever they sell in those cocked bottles.
I love the friendly atmosphere, that's how it is back home. This is one of the things that reminds me of home.
The Market is situated at the Altstadt (City centre).

A Bio (organic) stand

I can hardly leave the market without my favourite Olive-peperoni-tomatoes mix.
Super to eat with salad.

Some fruits.


Another Bio (Organic) stand.


Martina said...

nneka, das hast du mal wieder sehr schön geschrieben......ich liebe auch den markt.
in welchem land auch immer ich hingehe, ein markt steht immer auf meinem programm und so auch ganz bestimmt den markt in enugu.

uchechi may nzerem said...

There is nothing like buying fresh vegetables and fruits without preservatives.good choice you make by visiting the market weekly...

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