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April 05, 2011

A visit to MONREPOS (Monrepos Palace)

When my daughter's music teacher told us a short story about SEESCHLOSS MONREPOS, we were all excited to visit the place.
Monrepos (German: Seeschloss Monrepos) is a lakeside palace in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Via narrow pedestrian paths, the little palace is connected to the Favorite Palace, formerly used by the royal family of W├╝rttemberg as a hunting lodge, and the Ludwigsburg Palace (Residenzschloss).
It's always fun to discover new places or things to do with the kids since they are easily bored with repeated activities. The Palace is about 5 minutes drive from our house and I didn't know what a fun place it is. It was a beautiful sunny spring Sunday afternoon and the place was almost crowded with visitors. People came for sight seeing, horse riding, boat rides, pick-nicks, wedding ceremony, etc.
Here are some pictures of what we did.
Front view of the Palace

It was along walk from where we parked, we let the kids to ride with their bicycles.

This lake was the highlight for the kids and with did enjoyed some boat rides.


Big sister enjoyed being in front of the boat.

Since I was inside the boat myself, it was easier for me to capture other people in their boats.

Swans are cool, I love them.

A better view.

A cave by the lake.

Back view.


uchechi may nzerem said...

The picture i like most is the cave picture.are people allowed to enter the cave? Glad that the kids had fun.

Nekky said...

I didn't see anybody in the cave and I'm not brave enough to enter such places.

vicky said...

its really interesting,will love to pay a visit too

Nekky said...

Your boys will have fun, just give it a try.
Thanks for commenting.

uchechi may nzerem said...

lol @ you are not brave enough.well i can enter caves here in germany without thinking twice cos i know is safe :-))

Lioness said...

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your kind comments. They were appreciated.

Your newest follower-Lioness

Nekky said...

Thank you Lioness, you are welcome.

Nekky said...

@ Uchechi, for me a Cave is a Cave. May be I have to grow up to see it

dreamachine said...

Your blog is amazing! Thank you so much for adding me. I too grew up in Africa, specifically Uganda. Although I was born in the US, so I don't qualify as an expat, however I do miss life there and the wonderful values and appreciation one learns coming from such cultures. I'm definitely following you!

Shar said...

Your blog is beautiful!
I love your photographs!
I hope you are having an amazing day dear!

I found you via bloggy moms!
I am your newest follower!
Be sure to visit me back at []


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