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April 12, 2011

Praise that Child!!!

Children thrive off praises, who doesn't anyway. I found out that I have gotten lots of positive behaviours out of my kids through praises. You can raise your child's self esteem and confidence with positive words. Praise helps to encourage good behaviour in children.
I always look out for opportunities to praise my children and I'm seeing the results.
When I commend them for greeting and saying "Hello" to people, they tend to greet more and loudly too.
If I tell them how nice it was for tidying up their toys alone, they go on and tidy the whole house (as much as their little hands could).
Telling them how happy I am for dressing up the dinner table, they clear up their plates after eating. These are to mention but a few.
Praising them doesn't have to be a pretence and I think kids have this instinct that tells them when you are real or fake. I mean it when I praise them. I look into their eyes with a big smile from my heart. They know it and I think they feel it too and that's why they respond to it.
Kids are easily bored and that's why I wouldn't want to bore them with a repetition of some words of praise. I goggled something on-line. It is called 101 WAYS TO PRAISE A CHILD.
It's amazing and I love it. I printed it out and pasted it where I can always see it. With this, you don't have to use the same old one again and again. There are so many versions of it (101 Ways to Praise a Child) if you go to goggle. Print which ever one you like and start PRAISING.
I wish you good luck.

Always nekky.


uchychy may said...

thanks for the info..and keep up the good work.

InSeason Mom Cynthia said...

Your words are so true and reminds me of the poem Children Learn What They Live (1998)
by Dorothy Law Nolte. "If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn...If children live with praise, they learn appreciation." Blessings to you and your beautiful family

Simplegirl said...

Hi there, thank you for stopping by, I'm following back from Inspirations by D.

Jessica said...

I try to praise with meaning and tell them why I am complimenting their behavior! Thanks for posting on the Thoughtful Thursday linky. Please join us again!

Clayton Thomas said...

Following from Thought Thursday. Really like this post. It's to the the point and oh so true. I've worked with kids much more difficult than most and I can tell you this post is dead on! Congrats!

Twitter: @claylauren2001

Ember said...

I love this! I will be printing this one out! Thanks! Also thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! I'm now your newest follower! =)


Shifan said...

Keep up the good work. If you have a time please visit

Katrina said...

Hi! I am following from Mom Bloggers, the Christian Bloggers group. I love this post about praising children. I have three young children and I believe that praise is huge, although I don't do it quite often enough. I will definitely be checking out your link. Thanks so much!

I hope to see you by my blog as well!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am a little surprised do you not find praise comes to you spontaneously as regards your childrens achievements.

Shelly said...

I completely agree kids thrive off praise! I try very hard to do that with my son! I am your newest follower from the finding new friends blog hop over the weekend. I am one of the hosts! Stopping by to say hi! Hope to see ya on all my blogs :)

Valery (CEO Wanna Be) said...

Hi I am a new follower Love your blog
Cant wait to read more post.

Stop by and visit me anytime

thepsychobabble said...

heck, I thrive off of praise too, and I'm not (much) of a child anymore:)

CJ said...

Great Post. I have a son with ADHD and Praise is critical to showing him to be resilient. Kids are told -no - don't do that - where are you going - come back here - and the like all day long. I think they love it when they hear a word of Praise. You are right about their instincts. The key is to find something to praise them about. Make it authentic - because they know if you are faking it!

Thanks for the follow. Following you back from MBC

Christina Parker Brown said...

following you back from MBC. Love your blog and praising a child!

Blessings to you!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

Julia said...

Completely agree! Thanks for the reminder! Thanks also for stopping by this weekend. Have a good week!

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