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April 20, 2011

What Lessons has Motherhood taught You.

Did motherhood take me by surprise? The answer is No with capital N. I planned having my children. I longed to become a mother. I started reading some parenting books when I was pregnant. I didn't expect to be a perfect mother or to have perfect children and neither was I expecting a stress free life while raising up my children, but when the reality of motherhood hit me, it was as if I was taken by surprise. In parenting, so many things are easier said than done. What works perfectly well for one may be a joke for the other. In all things, I've always counted myself blessed. Motherhood has taught me and will still be teaching me a lot. Just as parents want to shape their children, I will admit that my children have shaped me. I have grown up, I think differently, talk differently,act differently, all thanks to motherhood and my wonderful children.
These are some lessons motherhood has taught me:

: Tell me where they sell this virtue and I'll order a truck load of it. With children, you will be dishing out dozens of patience daily and it's never enough. We all know how it is with meltdowns, tantrums and the rest of them. Only patience will make you overcome such stages and still keep your mind intact.

I could remember blaming parents for not doing enough when their children throw tantrums in the public places. I always watch as some toddlers throw themselves on the floor and cry (in public). I believed that would never happen to me. My children will know how to behave themselves in public. Now, with all my attempts to model good behaviour and teach good manners to my kids, public tantrums have become a way of life.

3. FORMING FAMILIES IS SERIOUS BUSINESS: You have to be committed, you need to plan thoughtfully ( even thinking of the right menu to put on the dinner table is not that easy). Some parents have emotionally abandoned their children to fame, work, personal pleasure, money etc. I have given a higher preference to my family over my career.

Super Woman simply died of exhaustion. One mom blogger wrote "show me a perfect mom and I'll show you a broken nose". In my struggle to have everything done right, I've learnt to compromise. At times, I forget about preaching table manners and let the kids sit down on the floor and eat their launch. I'm lenient at times when they come out from their rooms in the middle of the night to join us in our bed. We break some rules once in a while and they are not taking advantages of that. I'm not perfect and it doesn't disturb me and I'm very happy my children accepted me the way I am.

I want to hear from other mothers, What Lessons has Motherhood Thought You? Please share with us.

Always Nekky.


uchychy may said...

nice post..yes i have almost same views with you.

Shelly said...

Yup! AMEN! Good job! Thoughts out of my head! LOL Just wanted to say hi as I stopped by. I am already a follower of yours!

Yankee Texan said...

Well said. I have learned a lot of the same lessons. Motherhood is a job that can really only be understood once it's YOUR job. I had a lot of preconceived notions and I have been proven wrong on many. I love it though and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Following you from the Get Wired Wednesday Blog Hop and hoping you can return the love.
Yankee Texan Mom

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

And last but not least--if you can't find it, your two-year-old probably threw it down the vent LOL!

I LOVE your blog and am following.

Kimberley said...

GREAT post! Thanks for stopping by yesterday, following you back!


Jessica @FoundtheaMarbles said...

I think The lesson I had to learn was about being more flexible with my time. Befor kids I would schedule my days down to the minute but that's not a reality when you have children. said...

Love this post! You're so right!

I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
Hope you can hop by and visit (maybe follow) me?

Life with Kaishon said...

It sounds like you love motherhood! How very beautiful! This post was practical and funny too! Superwoman would have died of a heart attack if she tried to be perfect all the time.

InSeason Mom Cynthia said...

Nekky, thanks for the insightful and TRUE post. I agree with you. Yankee Texan, I appreciate your comment, "Motherhood is a job that can really only be understood once it's YOUR job." AMEN!

Joy Page Manuel said...

All you said is soooo true! Anyway, I'm stopping by to give you another award Nekky---


Yankee Texan said...

I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the details here:

Jackie said...

Everything you said is so true. I think my children continue to teach me as much as I teach them. You learn even more patience as your children reach the teen years.

Michelle said...

Hey there! Very cute blog! Found you through your post on MBC. Following now through GFC. Have a great weekend!

wideeyedgirl said...

Like u motherhood was shocking and there was nothing to prepare for it. What I've learnt is how much love I have to give. Thanks for your lovely compliment on my blog following you back,


Anonymous said...

This is something new moms need to know. I completely agree with everything you said. The only rule for motherhood is that there are no constant set rules, they evolve and change as you go and are different with each child. Fabulous post! I am a new follower and I promise to try to not just be a lurker :)

Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood said...

yes, I like yours, and also:
to Listen
to Remember myself as a small Child
and one that has been a very important lesson for me, is learning not to judge others. Other mothers, and other women. Because we just don't know the story, or at least not all of it :)
And be happy with our own selves, then everything outside us will look better, too :)
Thank you for the reminder!

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