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April 08, 2011


The weather is getting better, thank God it's spring again. Today, I told the kids it's time to do some of our indoor activities outside. They decided to do some paintings, I told them to look around and paint whatever they see around them.
This is what they came up with:

1. Water colour paints
2. Paint brushes
3. Some old carton papers

Some of the things we used

This water colour was cheap and I always make sure I buy the one with (Stiftungs Warentest), which means that it does not contain any harmful substance.

I'm teaching my kids to be environmentally friendly. We hardly throw old carton papers away because they are reusable. They come in handy in things like these and lots of other crafts we do.

We made use of their front sides

There are nice gardens of spring flowers downstairs. I wanted them to look and paints some flowers but they decided to be creative in their own ways

Although the sun was shinning, big sister was busy a painting a blue sky, rainbows, rain drops, sun and ?

This is her finished work and she was very proud of it. Younger brother threw his own downstairs before the end of the whole thing.

What do you think of big sisters painting (she is 4yrs)? Send your comments and I will definitely pass it on to her?


DP said...

Aww how very cute!!! Water colors are so much fun :-)

Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies

uchychy may said...

she did a good job,bravo.

Nekky said...

@ May, thanks for your comment. I will send the info to her.

Julie and Liz said...

what a beautiful painting and I love the colors!

Robin Gray Christeson said...

Oh my goodness your kids are cute!! Just found you on MBC:)

productjunkiemama said...

This looked like fun!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am looking forward to reading more psots from you!

Honeybee said...

I think it's cute. Why don't you frame it and hang on the wall? Thanks for the visit to Healthy Beautiful Blog. I am following you back. Looking forward for your next post!

InSeason Mom Cynthia said...

Yellow, purple, pink are a few of my favorite colors that she used. Tell her that it reminds me of Spring! By the way, I like your original...good job!

Lisa said...

Oh I love LOVE LOVE kid's art! We watercolors---we paint on everything. I recently posted about creating an art gallery in the hall between my kids' bedrooms.

Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks

Stacey said...

Cute blog!
Following from MBC. :)

The Glamorous Army Wife said...

You are so kids would've painted the walls!!! Lol

Jeannette said...

Beautiful paintings! ANd beautiful children as well. I'm following you back. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Kandace Denys said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, following back via GFC.
I love that you have the kids painting. My daughter scares me, so we stick to crayons, chalk outside and an aquadoodle!

Classic NYer said...

Watercolors are definitely one of the things I miss about being a kid, haha!

Hello! Found you on blogfrog. It's nice to meet you babe. and your kids are lovlier than lovely.

Feel free to stop by my place anytime you like. I'd love to follow you on twitter, but I can't find your @name anywhere...

Jennilee said...

You have such beautiful children!! Love the paintings :-)

Thanks for following my blog... I am following you back from the weekend blog hop!!

Jen- The Mommy Restaurant Review

Nekky said...

Thanks for appreciating their paintings, I will pass the info to them. Lol.

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