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August 26, 2011

12-Year-Old Delivers Baby Brother

Say Your Mind! 
For some people, this is amazing while some mothers have their reservations about this (the early exposure to the sight of delivery and the psychological effects on the young child).
The question is: Will you (finding yourself in the same situation) let your kid as young as 12-Year-Old do this?

Say Your Mind!!!


May said...

Mom of five kids? Well that's USA for you. You got to do what you got to do to be in the spotlight. Do you know how much she was paid just to speak with the public? All the same welcome to the world little prince.

Shay said...

Okay, something is not right about this. Sounds like this chick had this plan. What 12-year-old reads books about birthing and studies difference techniques? Oh yeah, that's average reading for a 12-year-old. :-/

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