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August 17, 2011

VoiceBoks - The Only Promising Blogger Community

First of all, I have to say that this is not in any way a sponsored post. Everything testimony written here are what I have experienced since the time I joined voiceBoks.

*Every blogger wants to be followed
*Every blogger wants her articles to be read and her voice to be heard
*Every blogger wants to have her visitors/readers leave meaningful comments on her posts
*Every blogger wants not only to be followed but to have her followers who always come back
*Every blogger wants to be updated on how to improve their sites and increase  traffics.
These and some other reasons are why most of us have joined so many network communites that promised to do a lot for us. As a new blogger, I joined communites, followed people who never cared to follow back. I visited blogs, spent time reading theirs posts, left reasonable comments and didn't get anything in return - it was really frustrating. What kept me going was that I started blogging out of my passion for it, so I didn't really care.
Everything turned around when Lexie Lane (the founder of voiceboks) sent me an invite to join the community. Since then, I've been singing a different song. Everyday, I get tons of page views, followers, meaningful comments on my site which 80% are coming from the members of voiceBoks. It's unbelievable. The members are active and dedicated, they participate in everything  you are doing on your site, they are very friendly and always ready to help out. Questions are asked - answers are given, opinions are shared, no one is left behind. Long lasting friendships are being grounded amongst the members, it's like a one big happy family. I can go on and on.
These are what I did not see in other communites. VoiceBoks is a place to be.
Thank you ladies and all the good hearted people of voiceBoks, I love you all more than you can ever imagine. Keep on the good work.
Have you started voiceBoksing or are you still left behind? You deserve more - your voice needs to be heard. Come and join us at voiceBoks, a trial will convince you.

Are you a member of voiceBoks, what are your experiences so far? Please share with us. Thanks.


Clairejustine said...

This sounds great do you have to pay?

I followed loads of people when i first started and commented but never got a following back or a comment back,think i need to go through my follow list and refresh it with lovely people like you :)

Nekky said...

Hi Claire, I know how it is. The good news is that membership is absolutely free. You don't need to pay anything. All you have to do is to be dedicated, that's what makes voiceBOks different from other networking communities.
Hope to see you there.

May said...

I'm a proud member of voiceboks and thanks for sharing your positive experience with us. Anyone that is not a member of voiceboks is missing in action :-))

Clairejustine said...

Thanks Nekky off now to join in :)

Kathy said...

Great post on what is now my most favorite place to be in the bogsphere!!! I learned about VoiceBoks, the same way, Lexie contacted me thruogh my blog and told me about this community she was starting. At the time I was getting frustrated with the bigger networking sites becasue if I ever had a blogging question I never got a response. I was looking for people who wanted a commuinity/reltionship. A real networking situation. I joined in the begining of May, and I love it. I would tell my blogging buddies about it so often that I too started to write that I don't get anything from refering people to the site!! I just love it!! It has been fun getting to know you on the commuinity and it would be great if we got more like-minded people!! Thanks so much for giving the community such a great shout out!!!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

G0od to hear this blogging community is working for you. :)

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

WOW! Your story sounds just like my story, I write/follow others & they leave no comment. I am going to try voiceboks. I will let you know how it's been for me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

Shanda said...

I have gotten followers but few comments and am not sure if they actually read the blog. I feel it is more a mutual help in adding each other. I have found a couple though that we do read each other's posts.
BTW...I saw I was already a follower of yours ;)

Taylor Gilmore said...

Hi Nekky,
I found your blog via the Monday Mingle Blog Hop and I love it! You have a new fan and follower.
P.S Great post. I'm on my way to voiceBoks right now!

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