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April 13, 2012

Must Have Bridal Accessories

My friend is getting married. Some couple of days ago, we spent several hours over the phone discussing and planning her wedding. Irrespective of thousands of miles that separates us, technology  has made it possible for us to communicate very well. We talk at length on skype and shop together online. 

I found out that unlike my wedding, hers is not going to be too expensive. We have just in some couple of days discovered some amazing online bridal shops with mind-blowing bridal accessories at very cheap prices. I like the fact that we can sit at the comfort of our homes and order almost everything she would be needing for her special day.

After ordering their pocket wedding invitations and choosing her wedding dress, we wanted to make sure that she got all the necessary bridal accessories she needs. 
So we made a list of Must-Have Bridal Accessories  and here are what we came up with:

1.  A tiara 
2.  Hair pins
3.  Lingerie
4.  Shoes 
5.  Wedding Garter 
7.  The Guest Book and Pen
8.  The Toasting Glasses
9.  The Knife and Server Set
10.The Cake Topper
11. The Ring and Flower Girl Basket
12. Bridal Purse

We know that there could be things we haven't thought of and we would like you to look at the list and add some. 
What are other must- have bridal  accessories  you know? We will be happy to hear from you. Thanks.

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