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October 31, 2011


I have always been happy that I have two wonderful toddlers. There is never a boring moment with them. Every night as they hit the bed, I feel like I'd  been hit by a BIG TRUCK! My daughter is a girlie-girl with huge love for Horses. She adores Princesses, loves anything that comes in PINK. My Son is also boyish and from an early stage, I was quick to notice the difference between them in regards to their gender. He plays differently, climbs, doesn't have any fear jumping down from whatever. He has more energy than his sister and is always playing the Boss.

But lately, this little Chef  has turned to a COPY CAT. He copies his sister like crazy. He mimics her at the dinning table, does the things she wants to do, refuses the ones she says no to (especially foods), and so on. At times, this can be irritating but still manageable. What really got me worried is that he now takes to "Pink and Dresses". He always says: my pink, I want pink plate, I want pink cup. Any time we are dressing up for any occasion or going to church, it always breaks my heart to see him cry so bitterly because he wants to be dressed up too in a "princess dress" as my daughter calls it. How can you explain to a two year old boy that he can't put on such thing. It looks pretty to him though. We always try to assure him that  he is the Prince and I now tell them different cooked-up stories of brave and handsome Princes that saves Princesses or do whatever. I know that this is a passing phase (it has always been), but I want this one to pass so quick and never to come back again.

Do you have copy cat at home, what's your experience?


Cascia Talbert said...

My two year old is a copy cat. He copies mom and dad and his siblings. It is so cute. I have a baby too so he plays with a doll and pretends that the doll is his baby.

Ann Crabs said...

I wouldn't worry. Kids do things like this. He will outgrow it--and because he is into pink doesn't mean anything. I have pictures of my nephew dressed as a bride--high heals and all. He is now the star football player at his school! Thanks for the follow--I am following you back!

Ann Crabs said...

Following via networked blogs and twitter, too. Hope you return the favor!

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