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October 26, 2011

Amazon Rain Nourishing Oil (Product Review and Giveaway Contest)

,Being active in Breast Cancer Awareness, I was quick to join this campaign and to do a product review for Amazon Rain Skin Care Products because  they are always donating some amount to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. And this month, Amazon Herb Company would really like to donate even a larger amount. They are also hosting a giveaway contest which is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Not only that I want to test their products but I wanted to know more about the company, who they are and what they stand for and from what I've learned about them so far, I'll be having a long lasting relationship with their products. All the ingredients are organic and wild harvested. Their products have zero (0) additives, chemicals, GMO and Gluten, colours. They all come in natural tone, colour and smell.

I tried out (and I'm still using) Amazon Rain Deep Nourishing Oil. For the first couple of days, I used the oil on my face (at night) which was very okay but because I cherish the oil so much, I decided to add it in my night facial cream which works so well too. I noticed that there is this sheen and extra softness that it has added to my skin. This is why I said that I'll be having a long lasting relationship with  their products. Amazon Rainforest products feed the body, skin, internal system to bring out the beauty from within.

If you are a blogger, reader/follower, fan of this blog and if you are concerned about the campaign and creating awareness  for breast cancer,  I really encourage you to contribute to cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention by purchasing any of Amazon Rainforest Products. Every sale contributes to donation to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center.
You can get a huge discount of 42%  of any Amazon Rain Product you buy only at

* There are super free gifts to the first 50 people that will purchase any of the Amazon Rain Products from this campaign:
1. Olivia Newton-John, who bears her own breast cancer, has announced that she will send a personally signed LIV  Aid for breast cancer prevention in your monthly self examination routine. This aid alone retails for $19.95. For more information, check this out.

2. FlaxUSA and it's founder Stephanie Stober will donate Flax Sprinkle full of Omega -3, Lignans, Protein and Fiber. Get more information.

3. Hy-Jean Corporation and it's founder Laura Stearn will donate her unigue and feminine product - Pantzies!
 Learn More

4. The Coconut World and it's founder SaraJean Cameranesi will donate her amazing Coconut sugar with Glycemic Index of 35! Eating it is like almost drinking water nowadays! Get more information.

This giveaway is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness month by Amazon Rain Skin Care. One lucky reader of this blog will win an Amazon Rain Nourishing Oil.

*Please, the Mandatory entries are MUST. Your entry would not be counted if you don't complete them or leave a comment with email address* WISHING YOU LUCK!!!


erinbdisney said...

I hope more and more women battling this disease succeed and beat it! More women are doing just that every day thanks to advanced treatments, early detection and support! erinbdisney at hotmail dot com

Judy Haughton-James said...

Sounds like a wonderful product and for such a worthy cause. I pray that a cure will be found for breast cancer and all other cancers. Take care and have a good day Nekky!

Coffee Please!?! said...

Going for my own mammogram soon - good vibes to all who are fighting the battle!

Amber @JadeLouise Designs said...

I hope that one day we will be able to find better treatments, prevention and a cure for this hearbreaking disease!

Mom Who Cares said...

This would be a great gift for my ssiter to try out if I won it. She can only use all nratual products and prefers them. So,now she looks for great ones out there and I love to help gift her some to help her.

Margs World said...

My pray has always been that people who have cancer of any kind beat the disease and live a long life. Keep fighting!

Margaret, Margs World

Kelynnma said...

I try to support as many breast cancer awareness groups as I can. I have nothing but admiration for the courageous women that battle with breast cancer. Here's to a tomorrow, that provides a cure to breast cancer!

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