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September 14, 2011

Go Red For Women ™ presents: 'Just a Little Heart Attack'

Are you a "Super Mom"? If so, what kind of super mom are you? As mothers, we try to do a lot for our family, which is quite good but most of the time, we forget about ourselves.
Take a couple of minutes to watch this video, it could be any of us:

Thanks for watching. Now, how do you make out time for yourself and what tips do you have for other women?
Hit the comment box and share with us.


May said...

Wow great info. Is not easy being a super mom. Many mothers allow the stress go to their heart, which is not good. You have to develope a very thick skin as a mother in whatever you do. In that way you can avoid heart attack.

Super Mom Blog said...

Great post! As mothers we tend to neglect ourselves and look after our family first, I guess this is a good lesson to learn, we need to look after our health,otherwise we will not be around to take care of our family! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Fiona

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